Welcome to Tree2zero

Hi, I'm Lisa! A couple years ago, I moved into my first and new home and quickly realized how much garbage and plastic I was racking up on a weekly basis. Despite my best efforts to look for eco-friendly and zero waste options, it was an extremely daunting and time-consuming task. How nice would it be if there was one place that I could find it all, I had thought. After lots of research and slowly switching out product by product in my own home, I created Tree2zero, a one-stop shop for simple and easy eco-lifestyle shopping. I hope that this store will help you embark on a fun and stress-free journey to more sustainable living. 

Experience Tree2zero

Eco-Lifestyle Products - We carry a range of specially hand picked home and personal products for what you need to live a sustainable lifestyle. Looking for a specific type of product? Send us a message and we will gladly take feedback to help build our store based on our customer's needs. 

Supporting Canadian Businesses - As a small Canadian business, we want to support others like us. We believe that this creates a more unique shopping experience for our shoppers, with the opportunity to get to know the stories behind the brands and their unique products. The products we select and carry are also made in Canada whenever possible. By sourcing locally, we can reduce the environmental footprint of shipping and transportation.

Sustainable Packaging - All products are hand-picked to come in plastic free packaging from the supplier. At Tree2zero, products may be further packaged with FSC certified and acid free tissue paper, paper-based logo stickers and tape from Noissue. Packages are shipped in cardboard, repurposed boxes (reused from our suppliers), or paper-based envelopes and bags.

Thanks for checking us out! 
~ Lisa