An extra long cedar wood soap tray with three bars of different coloured soap sitting on it, beside a regular sized soap tray with a small grey block of soap sitting on it.
Two regular sized cedar soap trays sitting on a marble surface
Two extra long cedar soap trays displayed parallel to each other on a marble surface
L'Olivier Naturals

Soap Dish

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A handmade cedarwood soap dish that is naturally durable and resistant to moisture without requiring any chemical treatment. The design allows minimal contact with your handmade soaps, allowing it to drain and extend its longevity. Handmade in Montreal, Quebec. 
Small size is 3 inches x 4 inches
Large size is 3 inches x 12 inches

Instructions for Use 
Natural tannins (colour compounds) from the cedarwood may stain your soap in the first few weeks of use.
Clean soap dish by soaking in vinegar and soap solution for several hours. After several soakings, the outer tannins will be leached out and will not stain your soap.
Instructions for Disposal 
The larger soap dish comes in minimal, recyclable packaging.